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Whether producing copy for retail or institutional audiences, I have always enjoyed writing for newsletters. There is a built-in sense of immediacy and relevance with newsletter copy. Whatever the topic or industry — retirement investing, charitable gifting, insurance — the questions I ask always include:

  • Who is going to read this information?
  • Why is it relevant to them at this point in time?
  • How can this message enhance their business or investment experience?
  • What emotion or action do you want to elicit?

Financial Services

B2B (Institutional). For three years, I wrote copy and managed SalesTalk, a nifty quarterly newsletter for Pioneer Funds. Targeting the sales needs of brokers and dealers, SalesTalk is a great example of getting the most from your editorial, art, and production resources. (My colleagues on this project were delightful and always open to new ideas, making for a pleasant memory.) As project manager, I am proud that each page offers some level of value to the reader.



Retirement. At Standard & Poor’s, I wrote a lot of copy on retirement topics for both plan participants and sponsors. As a systematic investor, I am always trying to educate myself as to the long-term value of investment planning. What single theme runs through virtually every retirement story? Diversification.

S&P_401(k)_Your Financial Future_Fall 01

PNC Advisor (special note)

NY_Life_Adviser (Retirement)

Plan_Talk_Spring_01_Equitable Life

Focus_on_Your Future_Retirement_S&P

Looking_to_Your_Future_Retirement_UMB Bank

Make Your Money Work_Retirement_AUL


Charitable Gifting. Writing for the nonprofit sector requires a bit of an attitude adjustment. For many generous philanthropists, charitable gifting isn’t just a tax write-off, it is a dedicated way of life. In any case, I thought the benefactor was a nice looking publication that allowed me to stretch my wings in terms of investment writing.




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