Harland Clarke

Client background: It’s in the mail? Harland Clarke may be best known for producing billions of checks and deposit slips annually. In addition, the San Antonio-based company provides direct-marketing services, anti-fraud products and contact-center solutions to banks and credit unions nationwide.

Freelance history: I began working with Harland Clarke in January 2015. HC’s marketing communications manager has consistently offered a strong vision of what each thought-leadership piece should accomplish while giving me ─ the writer ─ the flexibility to interpret how each story is told.

Style and characteristics: Below are some B2B samples that feature operational challenges faced by financial institutions and distinct solutions that address those business needs. In most cases, the Harland Clarke brand appears only on front and back covers, letting each example speak for itself. HC’s design team did a beautiful job.

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Loan Engine B2B Positioning Paper

LoanEngine is a groundbreaking loan marketing resource for banks and credit unions. I wrote this B2B brochure (positioning paper) with the content support of Harland Clarke’s collaborative marketing communications department. Published in the summer of 2017.

Nine Reasons to Step Up Acquisition and Retention

Account-holder checking behaviors could affect a bank’s or credit union’s long-term revenue potential. Here’s a survey that examines today’s consumer-provider financial relationship.

Fighting Back Before a Hack Attack

A cyber attack can occur at any time, triggering confusion and panic among account holders. A well-conceived crisis communications plan can help rebuild loyalty and confidence in financial institutions damaged by a data security breach.

Up Your Game: Seven Steps to Budget Planning

Do you like to operate by the seat of your pants? Think of your marketing plan as a roadmap that helps your financial institution navigate objectives, strategies, tactics, costs and projections.

Why You Shouldn’t Write Off Check Writers

Is check writing a relic of the past? Research by Harland Clarke and Nielsen® has identified correlations between active check writing and high-value financial relationships.

11 Steps to Holistic Loan Marketing

Loan marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade. Now may be a great time to review your company’s loan marketing tactics and adopt best practices that embrace a holistic management approach to loan acquisition.

Converting New Accounts to More Profitable Ones

Like personal relationships, financial marriages don’t always last. Whether a customer is relocating or shopping for more attractive rates and services, the enduring quest for a suitable financial “mate” presents growth opportunities for banks and credit unions prepared to engage these free agents.