Byline Articles

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Plan Ahead magazine. Cover story on the financial challenges facing young professionals in today’s business market. Story begins page 4; byline on page 5.

Plan Ahead

Aviation Maintenance magazine. Roundtable interview with key decision-makers representing major MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) companies around the world.

Aviation Maintenance

CFO magazine. Special report on healthcare partnerships formed between insurance companies and Corporate America to promote bottom-line results.

Healthcare_Special Report_CFO

Fidelity Investor’s Weekly. What the rising price of oil means on stocks and the U.S. economy.

Oil Prices_Fidelity

Perspectives magazine. “Understanding Currency Risk: A European Family Perspective” published by Cambridge Associates. Story begins page 14.

Perspectives magazine_Cambridge Associates

Fidelity Navigator. Doug Fisher, svp of Retirement Policy Development at Fidelity Investments, offers insights on financial reform measures under review by Congress.

Washington Watch_Fidelity

Treasury & Risk Management magazine. The re-birth of the environmental insurance industry.

Environmental Insurance_Treasury

Fidelity Investor’s Quarterly. Robert Lee, portfolio manager of Fidelity Select Consumer Staples, and John Harris, portfolio manager of Fidelity Select Consumer Discretionary, discuss key sector drivers.

Consumer Sectors_Fidelity

Smart Business, Inc. magazine. The importance of “succession” planning for family-run companies.


CFO magazine. Cover story on turnaround specialists.

Turnaround Specialists_CFO

Fidelity Focus. Most fraudulent investment schemes begin with a simple telephone call.

Phone_Scams_Fidelity Focus

Fidelity Investor’s Weekly. Annual roundtable forecast featuring three prominent economists.

Economic Roundtable_Fidelity

CFO magazine. Final Analysis feature.

Fireworks by Grucci_CFO


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