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Brochures often serve as a core element of any marketing communications strategy. Whatever the length and whether you are promoting a new product or service, or trying to spur some business activity among institutional or retail audiences, I have found success in structuring brochures like a three-act screenplay:

Act 1: Challenge — current and future market obstacles

Act 2: Solution — some useful, cost-effective, reliable tool or service

Act 3: Capabilities — your company’s resources and experience

Despair. Hope. Deliverance. Perhaps more than any other marketing tool, a brochure requires a team effort to ensure a consistent and compelling message that is aligned across your company’s distinct business units and meets compliance standards.

Personal note: When my kids were growing up and tapping me for movie money, I occasionally used a term borrowed from my compliance friends: “Here’s ten. But keep in mind, past performance is no guarantee of future results.” My kids didn’t laugh either.

PNC Wealth Management

DelawareTrusts (Institutional)

Financial Services for Medical Pros

Charitable & Endowment (Institutional)

Sub-Accounts (Insitutional)

Fidelity Investments

Women Investors



Pioneer Funds

Small_Cap Fund

Europe Fund

Global_Bond_(Fixed Income)

State Street

Public Funds (Institutional)


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