And the answer is …

By Paul Lombino

With the Super Bowl less than a week away, the category is: Obscure Football Mishegas. Don’t forget to put your responses in the form of a question. Remember, questions get more difficult as dollar amounts increase.

  • For $200, the answer is: 12.5-13.5.

(What is the standard pounds per-square-inch of pressurized air in an NFL football?)

  • For $400, the answer is: Its punctured nickname was derived from a mid-’70s scandal that began in a Washington, D.C. hotel and led to the resignation of President Nixon.

(What is Deflategate?)

  • For $600, the answer is: Of the 12 Patriots footballs available for play in the AFC title game, this many were reported under inflated.

(What is 11?)

  •  For $800, the answer is: Too much.

(How much media coverage has been spent on Deflategate?)

  • To wrap up the category for $1,000, the answer is: What the Indianapolis Colts were actually doing during their 45-7 spanking in the AFC title game.

(What is checking their balls?)

  •  And the Final Jeopardy answer is: Four. 

(After next Sunday’s game, how many Super Bowls will Tom Brady’s New England Patriots have won?)


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