Three Signposts Leading to an Effective One-Pager

By Paul Lombino

Seventeenth-century French mathematician-philosopher Blaise Pascal is credited with having said “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

Brief ─ for lack of a better word ─ is good. Brief works.

signpostWhen it comes to conveying your company’s message, terse copy can be an effective means of communication. Concise one-pagers are often employed as leave-behind reminders following a business presentation. As a retail tool, a one-sided flyer can quickly introduce new products, services and concepts to select prospects ─ with a call-to-action for more details. As an institutional device, one-pagers can script a sales pitch highlighting features and benefits with a degree of consistency while adhering to your company’s brand and compliance standards.

I recently wrote a series of one-page case studies for an insurance client targeting commercial policyholders. (Metalworking, Real EstateErgonomics.)  These case studies were designed to illustrate the advantages of working with loss-control experts to identify liability risks before damages occurred, and to take cost-effective remedial actions to help mitigate insurance costs.

Follow these Signposts

Whatever your product, service or market audience, all one-pagers have something in common: the need to tell a compelling story as succinctly as one-two-three.

1.      State the “Challenge”

“A manufacturer of metalworking products experienced a steep rise in worker injuries and medical claims.”

2.      Identify a “Solution” 

“After examining the policyholder’s operational facility and manufacturing processes, outdated equipment was identified as the prime cause of back strain. Inadvertent spills of industrial liquids, too, were recognized as the main source of slips, trips and falls. Fixes included the installation of hoists and conveyers to decrease manual lifting as well as the placement of non-skid flooring and improved drainage to help avert slick plant surfaces.”

3.      Reveal Positive “Results”

“Following implementation, the policyholder reported a sharp drop in injury claims with fewer lost-worker productivity days.”

The bottom line: A one-pager that tells a complete story with beginning, middle and end can be a handy communications resource to support your marketing efforts. As you explore the direction of your next collateral project, remember you will rarely wander astray by following signposts for Challenge-Solution-Results.



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4 responses to “Three Signposts Leading to an Effective One-Pager

  1. Great advice Paul. Companies too often think that longer means better. In today’s media saturated world, shorter is often more effective.

  2. martha friend

    I enjoyed reading some of your writing, Paul. I’m all for brevity too. I edit other people’s writing from time to time, mostly that of young people. Boy, can they go on and on! Clean it up! You already said that there! Don’t say in 20 words what you can say effectively in 7!

    Anyway…good blog!

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