What I Look for in a Creative Brief

By Paul Lombino

If you are a marketing communications manager, conveying your vision to writers, designers, and production staff often begins with a creative brief. Depending on your project, a typical creative brief may include background on your company, products, services, production goals, budget, deadlines and key contacts, among other components.

While everyone’s needs are different, here’s what I look for in a creative brief to get me started:

  • Insights into your target audience and their business needs. What are your customers’ core business challenges? What obstacles are blocking their path to success? What are their buying habits? Who are their customers? What turns them on?
  • Your business strengths and industry reputation. What position does your company hold within your market? How do your products, services, expertise, and pricing compare to your competition? How would you like your customers to perceive your brand? What benefits can you offer them?
  • Ways to highlight your offerings and encourage customers to take action. What solutions can help your customers meet their business challenges? What action or activity do you want your audience to take? What is the next practical step in advancing a business relationship with your readers?

Planning Ahead

An effective marketing story is more than just a string of facts and figures. When it comes to promoting your business, no one knows your industry and customers better than you. A good creative brief should offer a foundation for evoking a sense of excitement and optimism about the future.


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